The Castlepalooza Concierge is a service offering speed; no hassle and extra care for customers at Castlepalooza 2015. The Concierge saves you time by allowing you to access the festival campus through the Fastpass lane; offers you the comfort of the exclusive Concierge toilet facilities & even your very own designated queue at the main bar throughout the weekend. You'll also be able to order drinks from your tent via our app. Very limited Castlepalooza Concierge tickets are available.

Concierge tickets 30 BUY TICKETS HERE
We have both 4 and 5 metre pre-pitched bell tents for boutique camping. These make great, comfortable and fun places to stay in for the festival weekend. All our bell tents are made of the finest cotton canvas, which allows the tent to breathe whilst keeping the elements out! They all have a fitted groundsheet and carpeted interior.
Everyone staying in boutique camping must have a festival ticket too.
Boutique tent price is for rental for the 3 nights for 4 or 6 people.
Single air mattress 30.

Double air mattress 60.

Single proper mattress, duvet, sheets & pillows 65

Double proper mattress (two singles), duvet,
sheets & pillows 95