Dip DJs

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Dip have been throwing parties all over Dublin for the past 3 years. They put great amounts of effort into finding unusual spots to put on club nights but their main goal is to get people dancing. Proper dancing. Full on, sweaty, my shirt is ruined, I've lost my pint dancing. Cáit, Enda and Robbie do the DJing and the organising and everything in between and are often joined by local talent from around the country. The focus is local rather than international, because there's more than enough talent on this island to throw a popping party.

All 3 share a love for the dancefloor and the ethos of club culture, like inclusivity, openess and respect for your fellow humans, but they approach and express this from different angles. Cáít dances from the knees, Enda from the shoulders and Robbie is all ass shaking. The combination is something else. They've run sold out parties in Tengu and BYOB venues such as D Light studios and Jigsaw and have played at festivals up and down the country including Body and Soul, Electric Picnic, Knockanstockan and Life Festival.