We are proud to announce that we are finalist in the Green Awards 2016 in the small organisation of the year category.

Sustainable development is a crucial topic and one of great interest to Castlepalooza and is why we as a festival, for the past ten years, have been working on implementing green initiatives to help audiences learn, participate and to enjoy their weekend with us. We at Castlepalooza understand the effects that festivals cause on the environment, which is why we wish to create an eco-friendly festival experience ensuring that our audiences are enjoying themselves whilst not harming the environment.

Castlepalooza have put in place coherent green policies to tackle the detrimental effects festivals have on the environment. Our long term strategy sets out our symbiotic commitment to minimising the environmental impact of the festival whilst maximising creativity, participation, enjoyment and support.  Our policies fall under various categories related to recycling, litter control, green suppliers and materials, water management and more. Check them out further down.

As a smaller festival we can actually have a positive impact and make a difference; compared to the larger and more detrimental heavily populated festivals. Our goal is to become Ireland’s most environmentally friendly festival. 



Our Green Team will be on hand to start the recycling process. Our green partner ‘Oxigen’ will then recycle any waste brought off site again!


The majority of the food and drink is locally produced. All of our food concessions have to use biodegradable containers and it is strictly enforced that all their ware must be compostable PLA. Any used oil from the food vendors will be recycled after the festival & made into bio diesel.


Our policy is that at least 50% of our acts are based in Ireland, resulting in fewer miles travelled to reach the festival and very little use of air transport.


People are encouraged to use the train & bus services that arrive close to the main gates of our festival site. We also encourage carpooling and have teamed up this year with Lift Share. Please see our Car Share section on the info page.


Every Can Counts has worked with Castlepalooza previously before and we would like to build on the work done last year- this year with more marked bins and ‘bin angels’ manning the bins and can collectors to separate the cans on site.

Every Can Counts will provide prizes to all festival goers who recycle cans on site and bring their bags of cans to us at the goal game or deposit their bags of cans at the strategically located bins in the campsite areas and arena areas - the prizes include reusable drink bottles, organic t-shirts, rain ponchos etc... but you need to bring those cans to us for recycling to get those prizes!


After the festival is over our green recycling partner ‘Oxigen’ will be recycling any further waste that is brought off the site again. ‘Oxigen’ is all about encouraging positive recycling behaviour whatever the environment, including at festivals. We have put together helpful tips and ideas that are to be implemented at Castlepalooza 2017:


Bring some bin bags for the campsite and outside your tent, where you’ll probably have a drink with friends before you head into the main festival area.  You can keep a bag for mixed non-recyclable waste and a bag for recyclables.


One of the easiest ways of helping to reduce waste when inside the main festival area is to fill your own reusable water bottle or cup. You can rinse it at any of the water stations.


You’ve paid good money for that tent, so why leave it at Castlepalooza?! You won’t just be stopping your tent from going into landfill, you’ll be saving yourself the cost of a new tent in 2018. Same applies for roll mats, sleeping bags, airbeds, chairs and wellies!


Be aware of your cigarette butts. Pack an ashtray or two to keep around your campsite or throw your butts in a rubbish bin once you’re sure it’s not still lit.


Check out who’s bringing what amongst your friends to avoid taking unnecessary stuff with you that you won’t use and might throw away. The heavily laden walk to the campsite is tough enough already! Pack your things in reusable bags and containers like cooler boxes for your plastic bottles and cans.


Suss out where the recycling bins are, including the Every Can Counts stations. Here is a list of the most common recyclable festival items: plastic bottles, beer cans, tents, cigarette boxes and food wrappers.


There’s a real sense of friendliness and conviviality at festivals and if people see you picking up the odd stray can and recycling your rubbish, chances are they’ll follow suit. 

Going to a festival is all about getting back to nature in while listening to fantastic music so let’s live by the philosophy of reduce, reuse and recycle and help keep those outdoors looking great.