I Have a Tribe

Dubliner Patrick O’Laoghaire aka I Have A Tribe calls himself an unfinished man, and he says it feels good to be an unfinished man. What he doubtlessly means is that he keeps learning, and that it will never stop. His tracks have an organic, three-dimensional quality that lends them a rarely found sincerity; his music is, at times, fragile, with the sound of tender, dreamy chamber music – then it expands, careering forward and unfolding an unforeseen energy. I Have A Tribe, has spent 2016 travelling Europe with his songs from Beneath A Yellow Moon, an LP recorded with Paul Savage (Mogwai/King Creosote/The Delgados) 

These songs live from reduction, which also creates a great platform for the subtly employed musical outbursts. When bass, drums or guitar join in, the earth quakes for a moment.