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Oddsocks are a Dublin 4-piece who aspire to remember the importance of the elements that make for great music: melody, harmony and groove. They have developed their sound over the past 5 years to create a music style that is rich in vocal harmonies which they describe as Rhythm and Groove.

“.....Well thought out compositions, with a mix of pure soul and funk…..” - Hotpress

Oddsocks release their highly anticipated and highly progressive new album, The Sound Of The City on 18 November. Featuring performances and strong influences from producer Rian Trench (Solar Bears, Leo Drezden), this record portrays a defined new direction for the band. Synth-lead, groove driven tracks dominate this album while brass sounds and the soulful moods of Oddsocks’ multiple vocalists colour each track vividly.

Live The band are frequently joined by keyboard/Sax player Graham Burke who, through the use of the Hammond organ, Rhodes piano and the Saxaphone, help to create a different mood not previously heard with Oddsocks. Funky guitars, stacked vocal harmonies and vintage piano sounds colour their tracks with the complex arrangements proving that they