Where and when is Castlepalooza on? – Castlepalooza is still located in Charleville Castle, Tullamore, Co. Offaly. The festival will take place Friday 3rd August – Monday 6th August 2018.

How much are the tickets and where can I purchase them? – Please check the tickets section for the various ticket options available for the festival. You can purchase all tickets on this site.

Can I buy tickets at the gate? – Yes, provided the festival does not sell out. It’s safer to buy your tickets in advance as tickets at the gate are not guaranteed to be available.

Can I buy a day ticket? – Yes, day tickets are available this year (no camping).

If I have a day ticket can I camp? - No! If you have a day ticket you are not permitted to stay or camp onsite overnight. You can check out accommodation options available in our accommodation section on the website.

When does the festival open/close? – The festival site opens Friday 3rd August at 5pm. The festival site will close on Monday 6th August at 12pm. You are only permitted to stay onsite until Monday 6th at 12pm if you have a weekend camping ticket.

What are the ticketing opening hours? - Fri 1PM to midnight, Sat 11AM to midnight, Sun 11AM to 9PM.

There is a problem with my festival ticket: I have not received it yet, I lost my ticket etc. What can I do? – Please contact our ticketing partner, details are on our ticketing page.

Can I bring my child to the festival? - Castlepalooza is predominately an over 18s event but children are permitted with their parents/guardian. Children under 12 will be permitted for free once an adult or guardian accompanies them. Any children over 12 will need a ticket and must gain entry with their parent or guardian. Anyone under the age of 18 found attempting to enter or found anywhere on the festival site without their parent or guardian will be asked to leave. It is strongly advised not to bring young children to the festival; if you decide to bring your baby/ toddler to the festival, parents must sign a disclaimer form on admission to the venue.

Can I bring a campervan? – Yes, campervans are permitted onsite once you have a campervan ticket and a weekend camping ticket for each person staying in the campervan. Tickets available soon.

How much is a campervan ticket? – Campervan passes are €59. You will need one campervan per van. Each person staying in the campervan will need a weekend camping festival ticket to gain access to the campervan campsite.

Are there electric hook ups for campervans? – No

Is there food available at the festival? - There will be a full range of food and beverages on offer throughout the three days that will cater for an array of tastes, including vegan and vegetarian options.

Can I bring/cook my own food? - You can bring your own food to the festival provided that is precooked/pre-packaged. You are NOT permitted to cook onsite or bring any BBQ or Gas cookers.

Can I bring alcohol to the festival? - No. Any alcohol brought on site will be confiscated. We will have reasonable pricing in all bars on site and also an off licence where you can purchase alcohol.

Is there a bar onsite? When does it open/close? -  Fully stocked bars will be open from 10AM-10PM each day. The bars will be reasonably priced & cans from our off licence can be bought in bulk.

Can I bring glass containers? -  No glass containers are allowed onsite.

Can I bring my pet to the festival? – No pets are allowed. Guide dogs are the only exception.

Can I bring a BBQ or gas canisters for a gas cooker? – No, BBQ’s and Gas cookers/canisters are not permitted onsite.

Can I bring a gazebo? – No. Gazebos are not permitted onsite.

What are the camping options available? – We have general camping, boutique camping and campervan camping options available. Please check the info sections for more details on each campsite.

Can I pitch my tent beside my car? -  No, you are not permitted to camp in the carpark.     

What is Boutique camping, and how can I book? – Boutique Camping is a campsite with pre-pitched 4m and 5m bell tents with fitted groundsheets and carpeted interiors. While staying in Boutique camping you have access to separate toilets for boutique campers use only, a communal chill out area for you to hang out with your mates and there are showers close by which you use for free if you wish. To book you need to purchase 1x boutique camping ticket per tent. Each person staying in the tent will then need a weekend camping festival ticket. Once you have purchased both tickets, you need to e-mail Boutique@castlepalooza.com with your order number and contact details to pay the €100 deposit and book any extras you require. Deposits will be returned after festival provided the tent is left in good condition. Please note there is no refund in case of customer no-show. For more information please see the Boutique Camping section on the website.

What extras are available to book with Boutique Camping? – You can rent air beds, real mattresses and bedding. Please contact boutique@castlepalooza.com once you have purchased your tickets to book any extras you require.

Can I park at the festival? – Yes, we have a car park for festival goers.  It’s free & 24 hour security will be provided. Parking is available for day and weekend festival goers and is offered on a first-come, first served basis. Please take care while travelling through the car park; Castlepalooza does not accept any responsibility for damage caused to vehicles. Castlepalooza may change the location of the car park area without any notice; any changes will be communicated through the festival website.

What do I do if I lose something at the festival? - You should check “Lost & Found” when you are onsite. If you don’t realise until after the festival please email us at enquiries@castlepalooza.com . We will hold these for a maximum of three days after the event; please check with Tullamore Gardai station after this time.

What do I need to bring with me to the festival? - Ticket / ID / Tent / Sleeping bag / Pillow / Air mattress / Torch / Extra toilet paper / Towel / Insect repellent / Gloves / Sun screen / Hand sanitizer / Money / Toiletries (face wipes, toothbrush, toothpaste, condoms) / Clothes

What can I NOT bring with me to the festival? – Glass containers, knifes, weapons, drugs or drug paraphernalia, pets/animals, helium, party balloons, tanks of compressed air, drones/remote control aircraft/toys, fireworks or explosives.   

What services are available at the festival? – Free drinking water points, real flushing toilets and portoloos, showers, and a first aid tent.

Showers will be open Sat & Sun from 8AM to 1PM.

Is there an ATM on site? – No, there is no ATM on site. The closest ATM is Tullamore Town which is a short walk from the festival. It is advised that you come prepared before the festival.